CBS Presents 3 Reality Projects

Mar 28, 2005  •  Post A Comment

In its development presentation to advertisers in New York last week, CBS unveiled three reality projects for next season.

The network also touted its strong, stable schedule, which it said makes it the leader in adults 18 to 49, excluding the Super Bowl.

CBS and sister Viacom network UPN also presented clips and casting news about scripted shows, but most of those projects had already been announced. Networks generally keep their reality projects close to the vest because of fears the concept will be copied by competitors.

Here is CBS’s lineup of new reality shows:

“Reunion” (working title), which features Melissa Gilbert as host. The reality drama brings together family members who have lost touch with one another. The show is from Shapiro/ Grodner Productions, with Arnold Shapiro and Allison Grodner acting as executive producers.

“Crossroads” (working title), in which people get to see what would have happened had they made a different choice at a key moment in their lives. “Aided by a team of experts, they’ll face life on that other path-not always a smooth one, as it turns out-and discover new things about themselves and loved ones in the process,” the network says in its description of the show. “Crossroads” is from Allison Grodner Productions, with Allison Grodner as executive producer.

“Shenanigans” is described as a hybrid scripted/unscripted hour focusing on a Midwestern restaurant. The twist is that some of the employees are improv actors who not only serve customers but try to entertain as well. The show is from Reveille LLC and Hallock Healey Entertainment. Ben Silverman, Howard Owens, Scott Hallock, Kevin Healy and Phoef Sutton are executive producers.

CBS also presented its dramas, including “3 LBS,” from Paramount Network Television; “Commuters,” also from Paramount; “The John Gray Project” (working title), from Touchstone Television; “Love Monkey,” from Sony Pictures Television in association with Paramount; “American Crime,” from Warner Bros. Television; “Quantico,” from Touchstone in association with Paramount; “The Unit,” from 20th Century Fox; “Threshold,” from Paramount; “Conviction,” from Warner Bros., in association with 25C Productions; and “The Diamond and Weissman Project” (working title), from 20th Century Fox.

CBS’s comedies are “The Marsh McCall Project,” from Jerry Bruckheimer Television in association with Warner Bros.; “Everything I Know About Men,” from Touchstone in association with Paramount; “The Keenan and Lloyd Project” (working title), from Paramount; “Old Christine,” from Warner Bros.; “The Rich Appel Project” (working title), from 20th; “Three,” from Paramount; “Ready Aim Fire,” from Dick Wolf Productions in association with NBC Universal Television; “Stroller Wars,” from Sony in association with Paramount; “Washington Street,” from Warner Bros. in association with Paramount; “The Susie Essman Project” (working title), from 20th in association with Paramount; and “How I Met Your Mother,” from 20th.

UPN’s Presentation

UPN also presented its new shows. President Dawn Ostroff cited “Kevin Hill” and “Veronica Mars” as examples of shows that are helping the network shift its demographics to young women without losing the rest of its audience. But she didn’t say whether the two dramas would be renewed.

Comedies in the pipeline for UPN include Chris Rock’s “Everybody Hates Chris,” from Paramount; “The Bad Girl’s Guide,” from Palm Tree Productions and Flame Television in association with Paramount; “The Show With AJ Calloway,” from Handprint Entertainment and Sony; “Talk Show Diaries” (working title), from Coquette in association with Touchstone; “20 Things to Do Before You’re 30,” from Touchstone; and “Wingwoman,” from The Littlefield Co. and Evolution Entertainment in association with Paramount.

UPN’s new dramas are “Crazy,” from Spelling Television; “South Beach,” from Flame Television and Paramount; “The Studio,” from Warner Bros. and Silver Pictures; “Triangle,” from Shore View Entertainment in association with Paramount; and “Wildlife,” from The Axelrod/Edwards Co. in association with Paramount.

UPN is also working on a reality show that looks for a new member of the hip-hop group TLC, called “R U the Girl With T-Boz & Chili,” from The Jay and Tony Show in association with Fox Television Studios.

The network also presented a special from Russell Simmons called “25 Years of Hip Hop.”