Good Will ‘Lost’

Apr 18, 2005  •  Post A Comment

Just when The Insider was confident she couldn’t get more stupid, ABC proved just how wrong she could be-with a promo, of all things.

For days The Insider’s anticipation had increased exponentially with each airing of the “Lost” promo featuring the vintage mystery plane that crash-landed in the trees in the April 6 episode. Come April 13, ABC instead aired a long-scheduled repeat of the Jan. 19 episode, which, of course, was set long before the plane lost all essential altitude, lovely Boone’s life was lost, Dr. Jack lost it and the heartwarming effect of Claire’s labor was not lost on our good-news-challenged survivors.

Meanwhile, an announcer’s voice said: “Every Wednesday takes you one step closer to the two-hour season finale.”

OK, not untrue, but certainly misleading, nest pass?, as Southern-fried Sawyer might put it. But an unnecessary bummer, fer sure.

The Insider has recalibrated her anticipate-o-meter now that she knows this week’s episode also is a repeat, followed by a clip primer titled “Lost: The Journey” on April 27, and then, oh, happy daze, we get one NEW episode closer on May 4, 11 and 18 to the two-hour season finale May 25.

P.S. The Insider chooses to interpret the loss of approximately 1 million viewers by the second half of the April 13 show as an indication that she was soooooo not alone in feeling misled and turned off.

Goodness ‘Grey’cious!

While exercising her OCD-emons, Ms. “Monk” tackled another Alphabet TV mystery: Why the month-old “Grey’s Anatomy” was categorized as a “Health & Fitness” program, rather than a medical drama, each week when The Insider punched up her on-screen program guide to check that all the shows she wants to record are properly flagged. ‘Twouldn’t be a big deal unless a viewer were searching for all “drama” options, in which case they’d not have this nifty new drama called to their attention. Of course, if said viewer weren’t among the 125 bazillion watching “Desperate Housewives,” they’d probably rather be watching a health and fitness show, anyway.


After a round of calls to and from ABC, Tribune Media Services, which supplies TV listings to The Insider’s dearly beloved Time Warner Cable NYC (among many other outlets), and to TWC NYC itself, it appears that it’s a TWC data filter whatdunnit, registering the word “medical” in the “medical drama” description and incorrectly routing the show listing to the health/fitness/nature category before it shows up on The Insider’s TV screen.

One more item and The Insider’s fight for truth (in promos and listings), justice (for all) and the rest of the American way is done for the day.

In Defense of Jay

New York Daily News’ Lowdown gossip Lloyd Grove last week ripped into Jay McCarroll, the winner of Bravo’s surprise hit “Project Runway,” who has been shuttling between his rural Pennsylvania home and New York, where he has begun the Banana Republic mentorship that was a “Runway” prize.

The Lowdown write-up bore no resemblance to the Mr. McCarroll with whom The Insider recently chatted on the phone.

At the time, Mr. McCarroll, 29, had had a couple of meetings with Banana Republic, to which he can turn for advice and counsel when he has questions he would not have encountered until he was on the verge of being suddenly big. How to import fabrics or execute his designs in a variety of sizes, for example.

“They’re being really supportive,” Mr. McCarroll said. “They don’t want anything from me, which is nice. I’ve been approached by everybody for everything. I’m not doing anything personal right now.”

After his striking tone-on-tone collection turned him from an underdog into a winner during New York’s Fashion Week, he was swamped by “tons of mail” and 2,000 or so e-mails and such unsolicited freebies as dental products, including an orange-mango anti-cavity teeth whitener.

“It was nuts for a month,” he said. So nuts that he’s “purposely taking it slow” because he is not the type to “strike while the iron is hot. That’s really a very Hollywood way of thinking.”

Then, too, because he was backlogged in filling orders for the Jay McCarroll tote bags on sale for $27 and $35 via the online “Project Runway” store.

“How very Monica Lewinsky,” The Insider meowed.


“She made tote bags after her fling with Clinton,” The Insider stammered.

“We have different circumstances as to why we got into tote bags,” allowed Mr. McCarroll.

Since The Insider’s wishes came true with the recent announcement that “Runway” would begin production this summer on a second season for Bravo, it seemed only fitting to ask whether Mr. McCarroll had any advice for the sophomore class of aspiring designers.

“Just be yourself and know what your style is,” said Mr. McCarroll, for whom “Runway” was clearly a hoot. “Nothing was ever manipulated in my eyes.”