MTV to Launch Ad-Supported Web Site

Apr 6, 2005  •  Post A Comment

MTV on Wednesday said it plans to launch a new ad-supported Web site with original content April 25. MTV Networks Group President Van Toffler called the site, MTV Overdrive, a “hybrid” network because it delivers programming both on a linear basis and on-demand. Programming includes news and interviews from MTV News, clips and additional material from current MTV shows and a selection of music videos from which viewers can choose.

The program-style offerings will be shorter than the 30-minute shows that air on the cable network. Microsoft, Procter & Gamble and Sony Pictures have already signed on as advertisers, with Microsoft sponsoring the site’s music offerings.

The site features 15-second video spots that cannot be skipped. Mr. Toffler said he couldn’t calculate how much it cost to launch the site, but said he expects it to lose money for several years. Elements of the site, created for broadband, will be made available via cellphones and PDAs.

Separately, VH1 said it has created a version of its show “Best Week Ever” for its broadband site. As of April 4, viewers can sign up for daily cross-carrier “Best Week” mobile alerts for their cellphones. Verizon Wireless also offers its subscribers “Best Week” video clips through its Vcast service on its new 3G phones.