Tech Briefs: Fujinon to Unveil Pan/Tilt System

Apr 18, 2005  •  Post A Comment

Fujinon plans to introduce at NAB 2005 its EPT-7G-H2A pan/tilt system and two lenses specially designed to work with Sony’s HDC-X300 half-inch HD camera. When used with Fujinon’s EOP-102J-60B four-head controller, the pan/tilt system enables remote control over major features of the HDC-X300, including black balance, white balance, shutter speed, gain adjustment and color bars. The EPT-7G-H2A system includes an RS-485 interface and a pan range of 300 degrees. It pans at 25 degrees per second and tilts at 20 degrees per second. Camera positions can be preset and stored. New Fujinon lenses designed for the HDC-X300 are the HSs18x5.5MD-D18, for videoconferencing applications, and HSs18x5.5BRD-D18, designed for electronic news-gathering applications. The HSs18x5.5BRD-D18 HD lens has an 18x zoom ratio.

ViewCast Adds to Niagara Line

ViewCast Corp. has added the Niagara PowerStream Pro to its Niagara line of streaming encoders. The PowerStream Pro is a high-performance video capture and streaming encoder targeted to the needs of professional broadcasters. It features a rack-mounted, console-free design that can be remotely monitored, managed and controlled at any IP-networked workstation. The PowerStream Pro is designed for use by professional studios, cable headends, ISPs and enterprise IT professionals. PowerStream Pro applications include IPTV, Webcasting, video archiving and video content creation or repurposing for Web, business and training.

Firms Collaborate on MPEG-4

Motorola and Modulus Video have agreed to work together to provide high-definition and standard-definition MPEG-4 Advanced Video Codec encoder and decoder products to cable, satellite and telecom providers. Motorola will resell Modulus MPEG-4 products, including the ME1000 AVC SD Video Encoder, the MD1000 AVC SD Professional Decoder and the recently announced ME6000 AVC HD Video Encoder. In addition, the companies will work together to develop a line of Motorola-branded MPEG-4 AVC encoders powered by Modulus technology. Motorola will integrate these products into its digital video headend and will offer the systems for sale as part of its solutions for IPTV.

Sony, GlowPoint Intro IP Solution

Sony Electronics and GlowPoint, an IP-based video communications service provider, will introduce a complete IP-based video communications solution designed to meet the specific needs of television broadcasters. The solution combines Sony’s line of audio/visual communication systems with GlowPoint’s IP-based video applications and network services. It can be customized for special package configurations, including the addition of compatible hardware such as advanced microphone configurations and advanced three-chip cameras. Key applications for the combined offering include remote interviews, special events, back-end production and reporter-affiliate connections. The solution provides on-demand broadcasting with always-on network connectivity, and reduces transport costs as compared with satellite feeds.