On-Demand Network RipeTV Readies Content for Launch

May 9, 2005  •  Post A Comment

After introducing itself to the television industry last spring, RipeTV went silent for about a year. Now the next-generation on-demand network is making some noise again, saying it’s ready to go forward with its service.

RipeTV CEO Ryan Magnussen said the service will roll out this summer with a soft launch on Comcast. Comcast has not confirmed a date but said it is considering launching the service.

RipeTV is aimed at men 18 to 34 and is delivered to consumers with “immersive ads”-ads that are embedded in the content so they can’t be fast-forwarded through in digital video recorders.

The soft launch will include about 10 hours of content each month, with 25 percent updated each week. The content consists of instant-gratification shows running about five to 15 minutes each. The guy-centric material includes “Most Beautiful,” about bikini models; “Supermodel TV,” with segments on famous faces; “Kung Faux,” with kung fu movies dubbed into “urban-speak”; “Chlorine,” about skateboarding; and “Rockstar,” featuring music and interviews. Mr. Magnussen said RipeTV also is looking to strike deals with cellphone carriers.

The premise behind RipeTV is that ads are intrinsic to the content. That includes 3-D animated advertiser logos or graphics to open and close a show; an animated logo or video billboards occupying the lower third of the screen; a graphic frame with the advertiser’s brand wrapped around the video; and sponsored graphics incorporated into the shows.

PlaceViews Adds Demo Info

Nielsen’s PlaceViews product placement measurement service released a new version of its software last week that includes demographic data in its minute-by-minute ratings reports. That new data is in addition to existing information the service offers on product placement: how many people saw different brands, in which shows and for how long. PlaceViews is marketed to networks and agencies through a strategic alliance between Nielsen and technology firm NextMedium. Clients include Fox, Ketchum’s entertainment marketing division and Zenith Optimedia. NextMedium plans to introduce next month an additional product suite targeting the front-end planning and buying component of product placement. “It allows for campaigns to be planned and managed and bought in a way that other campaigns are planned and managed and bought,” said Hamet Watt, CEO of NextMedium. -DAISY WHITNEY