Digital Converter Box to Be Developed

Jun 15, 2005  •  Post A Comment

The Association for Maximum Service Television and the National Association of Broadcasters announced plans Wednesday to develop a digital-to-analog converter box so that consumers with analog-only TV sets will be able to receive broadcast signals over the air after the industry switches to digital.

In a statement, the organizations said they hope to have a working prototype for a low-cost, high-quality converter box by the end of this year.

“All agree the availability of a digital-to-analog converter box is a key component of the digital transition,” said David Donovan, MSTV president, in a statement. “In recent months there have been a number of manufacturers claiming they could build a low-cost box. Low cost is critical, but not the only factor. These converter boxes must be consumer friendly and most importantly they must work well. Otherwise, consumers are likely to reject them. The trick will be to put a high-quality receiver in a low-cost, consumer-friendly product. The goal of this transition should be: No viewer left behind.”

Added Eddie Fritts, NAB president and CEO: “A workable, low-cost converter box is vital to the success of the digital transition. This project demonstrates our commitment to move the process forward. I trust the consumer electronics industry will respond favorably and join us in developing this important technology.”