Success Story: Ad Sales Lead to Web Hits

Jun 6, 2005  •  Post A Comment

When KVEW-TV in Kennewick, Wash., wanted to drive traffic to its Web site, the ABC affiliate launched an ad sales promotion that allowed advertisers to release additional information online about their products and services.

“Ask the Professional,” which began as “Ask KVEW,” puts the frequently asked questions the advertisers receive from consumers onto the Web site. A 20-second spot tailored to each client drives people to the site.

“We have seen our Web hits increase,” said Lynn Kinuko Nishimoto, local sales manager for KVEW, which is owned by Morgan Murphy. “But what’s more important is we have had advertisers who were able to track [clicks] from our Web site to theirs.”

Clients like it, she said, because it lets them give more information to the consumer than a 30-second commercial can provide. And it lets consumers download the information at their convenience.

“We do another promotion geared toward the health industry that’s very similar,” said Ms. Nishimoto. “For Health Plus there is streaming video. We shoot the video for the Web site and for the commercial.”

Ms. Nishimoto pointed to a dentist and a laser eye surgeon who have each seen the cost of the buy pay off through new business. “The laser people booked eight appointments in the first month from their participation in Health Plus.”

Ms. Nishimoto’s advice to sales managers at small to midsize stations looking to implement a health-related package: “It is a little more time-consuming because of doctors’ schedules, but once you set it up, it is just maintenance.”