USA Network: 25 YearsDouglas Holloway

Jun 27, 2005  •  Post A Comment

Time Inc. owned one-third of USA in 1983, and HBO was handling the network’s affiliate relations. USA wanted to go out and do it on their own, and I was the first person hired for that purpose.

At first we were headquartered in a little bank building in Glen Rock, N.J., but after a while we moved to Manhattan. In those days, the phone companies were very slow, and we didn’t have service for months. We had, like, two phone lines, and people had to share. You’d get a call, and people would have to holler your name down the hallway.

Cable was a new business then, and it was a tough market for advertising. We had only 15 [million], 16 [million], maybe 17 million subscribers, and advertising was hard to get, so nobody was getting paid very much. But the mood was great.

Kay Koplovitz was our founder and president and she was a tremendous force-a young, fiery woman and a warm, caring, involved leader. We were all highly motivated, because we had a dream and we were creating something new. We all felt we were at the forefront of something that was going to be big and important in the entertainment industry for years to come.