Employees of WUPL-TV in New Orleans Are All Safe

Sep 21, 2005  •  Post A Comment

Viacom-owned UPN station WUPL-TV in New Orleans reports that all of its 40-plus employees have been accounted for and are safe, though many have lost homes and are spread around the country with other evacuees. WUPL said a core group of employees, including general manager Gary Wordlaw, is running the station out of sister UPN affiliate WUPA-TV in Atlanta.

Though the WUPL studios are still inaccessible, the station has been back on the air since Labor Day, airing local news coverage from Belo-owned CBS station WWL-TV in New Orleans. WUPL resumed its normal broadcast schedule Sept. 9.

Viacom is paying salary, benefits and six-month temporary housing allowances to all WUPL and Viacom Outdoor employees in the region and said earlier this week that it has set up a special fund that will allow Viacom employees to make direct contributions to staff of the New Orleans station.