Bashir, McFadden, Moran to Co-Anchor ‘Nightline’

Oct 17, 2005  •  Post A Comment

ABC News made it official Monday that Martin Bashir, Cynthia McFadden and Terry Moran will begin new roles Nov. 28 as co-anchors of “Nightline.”

Ms. McFadden and Mr. Bashir will remain based in New York, where “Nightline” will originate live from ABC News’ Times Square studios. The two will continue their other duties, Ms. McFadden as anchor and reporter for “Primetime” on Thursdays and Mr. Bashir as reporter for “20/20” on Fridays.

Mr. Moran will continue as chief White House correspondent until his replacement is identified — correspondent Jim Avila’s is a name frequently heard — and will continue to be based in Washington. He also anchors “World News Sunday.”

“All three of them have an incisive and distinctive edge to their journalism,” new executive producer James Goldston said after the announcement.

Ted Koppel, “Nightline’s” founding anchor, will take his bow on the 25-year-old program Nov. 22, after 42 years at the network. His executive producer, Tom Bettag, will leave with him. There have been reports that they are waiting until after their departure to close a deal to produce documentaries for HBO.

“Nightline” will switch to a multiple-topic format, but will continue to be “all about context and bringing light where there is otherwise heat,” Mr. Goldston said.

Mr. Goldston cited “Nightline” coverage from New Orleans as an example of what to expect from the revamped program. “That was ‘Nightline’ at its best,” he said Monday. “I very much take the view that content is king.”

And international news will be no less important to the franchise. The executive producer expects Mr. Moran to continue to do some globetrotting. “He brings an insight into that world that few can match,” Mr. Goldston said.

He expects the bulk of the “Nightline” staff to remain in Washington and staffers to be added in New York: “There aren’t going to be any reductions.”