MSTV, NAB Announce Low-Cost Converter Box Project

Oct 5, 2005  •  Post A Comment

The Association for Maximum Service Television and the National Association of Broadcasters announced Wednesday that they have recruited LG Electronics and Thomson SA to develop low-cost, high-quality prototype digital-to-analog converter boxes for the industry.

MSTV and NAB said development of the boxes is critical to ensure that 73 million analog-only TV sets continue to receive over-the-air broadcast signals after the transition to digital television is complete. “No viewer should be left behind when this nation converts to all-digital signals,” said David Donovan, MSTV president.

Added Eddie Fritts, NAB president and CEO, “This project demonstrates a willingness by both broadcasters and two of the world’s leading electronics companies to ensure that all Americans have affordable access to local television signals both during and after the transition to digital.”