Entering the Spin Zone

Nov 28, 2005  •  Post A Comment

For a PR person, nothing is more horrifying than a top executive saying something unscripted-in other words, honest.

Case in point: NBC Chairman and CEO Bob Wright’s recent comment to Bloomberg News that “We’re definitely a desperate network right now.”

Later, definitely in the spin zone, a PR person insisted to TelevisionWeek that Mr. Wright’s comment was “tongue-in-cheek.”

We beg to differ. We’ve looked at the taped interview numerous times, and can report that Mr. Wright’s comments were quite earnest. Yes, he had a strained smile on his face, but it’s one he wore during much of the interview. Here is the exact exchange:

Bloomberg’s Erin Burnett: What specifically are you going to do? You keep referring to, “I need a couple more hits, a couple more hits.”

Mr. Wright: We’re going to have to produce them, or license them, you know, we get-we’re not spoiled about this, we’re definitely a desperate network right now, we’re willing to do whatever we have to do to get hits on the air. We just get into a different mode now. When you have great shows, like we had “Friends,” and we had “Seinfeld” before that, we had wonderful, wonderful shows that were extremely strong. We do have to get back to reality, and reality for us is, we have to build up a schedule in a very positive manner, and we’d like to do it tomorrow. I’d like to do it by the spring. But it will take longer than that.