100+ Group Concept Will Live on at The CW

Jan 30, 2006  •  Post A Comment

The name will change, but The CW will keep The WB 100+ Station Group concept alive to fill in the distribution blanks where no land-based affiliates might be present, according to sources close to the merger principals. The WB 100+ serves the country’s smaller designated market areas, Nos. 100 through 214.

The station group was the brainchild of The WB founder Jamie Kellner, who retired in 2004, and was launched in 1998, three years after The WB debuted, as a network of cable-exclusive stations. It’s a partnership of The WB, local cable operators and local TV stations willing to sell local ad time, the revenue from which is split between The WB and the local cable and broadcast operators.

Ultimately, The WB 100+ added more than 9 million viewers to The WB’s audience base, which brightened the netlet’s revenue picture.