Chase Says Blink VOD Campaign as Effective as Direct Mail

Jan 25, 2006  •  Post A Comment

At the National Association of Television Program Executives convention on Tuesday, Chase revealed details of a December video-on-demand advertising campaign that indicated VOD advertising can be as effective or more effective than direct marketing.

For four weeks in December Chase ran a VOD marketing campaign consisting of long-form spots on the Comcast Spotlight platform in Philadelphia. The Chase ads explained how Chase’s new Blink feature on its credit card works.

The spots were bookended by a call to action, encouraging viewers to visit a Chase-branded Web site, fill out a survey and be entered to win a contest for a home theater system. The two ads ran in the Philadelphia market, which counts about 785,000 VOD-enabled subscribers.

To drive viewers to those spots, Chase sponsored several on-demand movie trailers, which were seen by more than 167,000 unique viewers during that four-week timeframe. Of those viewers nearly 2,400 unique viewers watched the long-form Chase ads, said Mitch Oscar, executive VP of Carat Digital, who shepherded the VOD buy.

The fact that about 2,400 people, or a little north of 1 percent, chose to engage in an ad is promising, since direct mail generates less than a 1 percent response rate, said Chase’s Manning Field, senior VP of branding and advertising at Chase card services. Chase will engage in more VOD advertising and will be able to use these results as a benchmark.

Of the 2,400, 128 in turn went to the Web site and 60 completed the marketing survey.

Mr. Oscar encouraged other advertisers and agencies to follow suit and share VOD information. “Every tidbit we can share and someone else can share, we can improve everyone else’s experience,” Mr. Oscar said.

He also recommended that Comcast and other operators develop “linkage technology” that would allow viewers to move easily between linear spots, VOD programming and VOD ads. For this campaign, viewers needed to actively seek out the Chase spots and drill down through the VOD menu. However, technologists such as Navic Networks and Tandberg TV are working on solutions to link linear commercials with VOD.