Nominee Alito Has ‘Open Mind’ About Televising Supreme Court Proceedings

Jan 11, 2006  •  Post A Comment

Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito said Wednesday he would keep “an open mind” about allowing TV coverage of the court’s proceedings if confirmed for a seat on the high court. Judge Alito made the comment during the third day of his Senate confirmation hearings.

Judge Alito said he favored allowing TV coverage of proceedings of the federal appeals court over which he currently presides, but that the majority of his colleagues on the appellate court overruled him.

Judge Alito said it would be “presumptuous” for to him to talk about TV coverage of the Supreme Court now, particularly since Justice David Souter has made clear his strong opposition to allowing TV cameras into the court. “I will keep an open mind, despite the decision I took [during his tenure as a judge for the federal appeals court],” Judge Alito said.