Consumers Would Watch Ad for Free TV Download

Mar 13, 2006  •  Post A Comment

By Kris Oser


Broadcast networks such as ABC are selling some of their most popular shows on Apple’s iTunes for $1.99, but a new study finds most consumers would be willing to watch an ad if the sponsor picked up the cost of the show.

Many consumers say they wouldn’t mind advertisers picking up the cost of their video iTunes downloads. And if that model becomes the standard, more would be interested in buying a video iPod.

The survey, by market research firm Frank N. Magid Associates, explored attitudes toward video iPods and found that 54 percent of respondents would be more likely to purchase an iPod if TV programs could be downloaded free of charge in exchange for watching a 30-second advertisement.

Among those planning to purchase a video iPod, 72 percent said they would be more likely to download a TV program in exchange for watching an ad. The Magid study surveyed 798 iPod owners ages 12 to 55.

“It appears that the option to download content of choice for free will dramatically increase interest in purchasing a video iPod, thus potentially increasing video iPod sales and penetration,” the study concluded.

“We believe that if there’s free content out there, it will get people to buy the machines and sample the content,” said Mike Vorhaus, managing director of Magid Associates. But he added that only select, appropriate content should be offered free of charge and the content should not include music videos.