TNS to Merge Multimedia Ratings

Mar 27, 2006  •  Post A Comment

Eager to capitalize on the growing trend of delivering shows on more than one platform, audience measurement firm TNS Media Research is developing a research tool that would produce an aggregate ratings report for a show.

The tool is intended to factor in the effect of each of the various platforms, such as linear TV, on-demand and DVD.

“In today’s world, we need to develop a better understanding of how people consume video,” said George Shababb, chief operating officer of TNS.

TNS serves agencies, broadcasters, cable operators and advertisers. Time Warner’s Hawaii system uses TNS to measure digital cable viewership.

Mr. Shababb aims to be able to report to clients at each phase of a show’s life how the digital distribution windows impact the show’s audience growth.

“We want to produce a composite rating for a particular show and say so much of the contribution to the show’s rating came from linear viewing, so much of the show’s audience came from time-shifted viewing, so much from VOD,” he said.

The challenge will be to integrate different data sources. Mr. Shababb said TNS will need to strike relationships with cable operators to marry the data on linear and nonlinear viewing habits.