TVWeek Kicks Off Viral Video

Mar 27, 2006  •  Post A Comment

TelevisionWeek is trawling cyberspace to find the hottest video clips spreading on the Web.

The setup: In a parody that aired on ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” a very satisfied Dell user named Randy calls cable shopping channel QVC during a live segment. The host asks Randy what he uses his computer for. Randy’s response? “Mostly personal use, you know, like porno, a lot of porno. These Dells are great for porno.”

Turns out that Jimmy Kimmel was the mastermind of the piece, which ran as a comedy bit on his show, according to a spokesman for “Kimmel.”

“Our program host and on-air guest would never have had ongoing dialogue with ‘Randy’ as it is portrayed [in the ‘Kimmel’ show],” said Bonnie Clark, spokeswoman for QVC. “That said, we’re good-natured people here at QVC and can laugh along with the rest of the world who seems to be very entertained by a clip that is not real.”

The source: Submitted by various people to several online video sites, including Break.com, YouTube.com and StupidVideos.com.

The payoff: Tons of free publicity for QVC and Dell. The sites distributing the clip get Web visitors and advertising revenue.

The hits: As of March 23, more than 4.5 million on all sites running it, according to Break.com CEO Keith Richman.