New Nat Geo Programs: ‘Ultimate’ to ‘Everyday’

Apr 17, 2006  •  Post A Comment

National Geographic Channel has several new programs in the works that are designed to continue the network’s strategy of slating a combination of short-order potential series and high-concept specials. All are working titles and produced by the channel, except where noted.

  • “Earth: The Biography” (five-episode special): Shows the birth, life and future of the planet using CGI, radar, X-rays, microscopes and sonic waves. The special is co-produced with BBC’s Science Division. “We’re literally going to do a biography of the Earth,” said Heather Moran, VP of programming and development for National Geographic. “It’s going to be a CGI extravaganza.”

  • “Ultimate Factories” (six-episode series): Reveals the ins and outs, the challenges and triumphs and the process of mass production at several factories around the world.

  • “1 AD” (two-hour special): The story of 365 days that shaped the world’s civilizations, told via re-creations and CGI. “Nobody’s ever done this before,” Ms. Moran said. “We’re going to take one year and take a look at what life was like on the ground. Not just in one location; we’ll take all civilizations and juxtapose them against each other.”

  • “Everyday Things” (three episodes): Explores the history of modern-day items and devices. Produced by Atlas Productions.

  • “The Mystery of Nefertiti” (one-hour special): Follows a team of forensic experts as they conduct a series of tests to chronicle the life and death of the Egyptian queen.