Viral Video: The Easter Bunny Hates You

Apr 24, 2006  •  Post A Comment

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The setup: Ever wonder what the Easter bunny is up to when he’s not dispensing baskets of sweet things? Wielding nunchuks, apparently. At least that’s the vision of an online video auteur, who crafted a two-minute film chronicling the other side of the Easter bunny: the 364 days of the year when he’s a menace to society who stuffs Easter basket grass in someone’s mouth, punches passersby and, in a perfect tribute to classic horror films, appears in the apartment window of a terrified woman.

The source: An amateur filmmaker submitted the clip to a handful of online video sites, such as Break.com, Google Video and Heavy.com. Break CEO Keith Richman said the filmmaker works at a media company and declined to be identified by name.

The hits: “The Easter Bunny Hates You” was posted April 13 on Break and in less than a week was seen about 500,000 times. Mr. Richman estimated it was probably watched an additional 1 million times on other sites. 