Viral Video Players

May 8, 2006  •  Post A Comment

The number of videos submitted to the most popular viral video Web sites has grown dramatically in recent months. The sites make the video available by various means.

A look at some of the bigger viral video players:


Videos posted daily: More than 100

How videos are posted or monitored: Users monitor and notify site if there is unacceptable content.

Innovations: Addicting Clips offers mobile features. The best content receives cash and placement on AtomFilms.


Videos posted daily: Five to 10 per week

How videos are posted or monitored: The best of the Web are chosen, cleared, licensed and paid for.

Innovations: Longevity. User-submitted content has been featured since 1998.


Videos posted daily: Eight, or about 2 percent of the 400 daily submissions (in November, the site received about 150 daily submissions).

How videos are posted or monitored: Break views each video to find the bests ones and also has recruited members from the community to review videos and screen out adult material and much of the copyrighted material.

Innovations: The site recently began investing in original content and is reaching out to semi-professionals.


Videos posted daily: 10 to 30, a small portion of the 200 to 500 daily submissions (last year the site received about 20 to 50 vides per day).

How videos are posted or monitored: Heavy monitors the videos it receives.

Innovations: Heavy.com has tapped into advertiser interest and willingness to collaborate with consumers to create online video.


Videos posted daily: Of the 2,500 videos submitted daily, about 24 are posted.

How videos are posted or monitored: Metacafe relies on technology to filter out duplicates from the new videos. A group of volunteers uses a desktop application to moderate the remainders and choose the best.

Innovations: Metacafe offers an application for downloading the content in DVD quality.


Videos posted daily: More than 35,000 (in December YouTube.com users uploaded 8,000 videos daily)

How videos are posted or monitored: Users post video directly with no site intervention.

Innovations: YouTube.com has begun striking deals with cable networks, such as its recent pact with E! to offer Cybersmack, a segment from “The Soup,” on YouTube.


Videos posted daily: Two to three

How videos are posted or monitored: AOL monitors several sites and chooses the best clips.

Innovations: AOL allows users to subscribe to daily viral video updates.


Videos posted daily: Five to 10

How videos are posted or monitored: Posted by partners StupidVideos, iFilm and JibJab, which monitor screen clips to ensure they meet MSN’s PG-13 guidelines.

Innovations: MSN Video provides a compilation of viral videos posted across the Web.


Videos posted daily: N/A

How videos are posted or monitored: Editors review the submitted videos and post to the home page the ones deemed funniest. All videos are reviewed to comply with StupidVideos.com copyright and PG-13 policies.

Innovations:StupidVideos says it focuses on offering the most humorous clips.