Emmy Spotlight: Drama Series

Jun 5, 2006  •  Post A Comment

An exceptionally strong field will vie for outstanding drama this year, according to our panel of critics and industry observers. “This is a golden age of drama, on both broadcast and cable,” said panelist Tim Brooks, executive VP of research for Lifetime.

The experts managed to narrow the field to the best of the best, putting together a list of five contenders, including last year’s Emmy winner, ABC’s “Lost,” and 2005 nominee “24” from Fox. The competition tightens this year with the eagerly anticipated return of HBO’s “The Sopranos,” which was ineligible for Emmy consideration while on hiatus last year.

Much is riding on the prestigious drama category, according to the experts. “Drama series define a network’s level of quality,” said panelist Ray Solley, a program development consultant. “The drama nominations will set the bar for excellence at the 2006 Emmys.”

TVWeek’s Emmy Panel

  • Matt Roush, senior TV critic for TV Guide

  • Diane Gordon, author of the television e-mail newsletter The Surf Report

  • Tim Brooks, executive VP of research for Lifetime

  • Ray Solley, program development consultant

    Panelists’ predictions

    The Sopranos (HBO)

    “No show is more real or delves deeper into the psyche of its fascinating characters. … This season the show seemed to be about the corruption of the soul and spirit of anyone who came in touch with the world of the Sopranos. This goes beyond TV into the realm of literature.” -Matt Roush

    Lost (ABC)

    “The show is the best storytelling on TV, with characters that intrigue and beguile us, making us want to return every week to learn more.”

    -Diane Gordon

    Grey’s Anatomy (ABC)

    “This is a nearly perfect show, in cast, writing, direction and the juggling of moods from giddy romance to medical drama to whimsical comedy.”

    -Matt Roush

    24 (Fox)

    “Bringing down a president? What could be more popular in Hollywood?”

    -Tim Brooks

    House (Fox)

    “It’s a simple concept executed brilliantly: The medical mystery of the week solved while almost killing the patient every week.” -Diane Gordon

    TelevisionWeek staff picks

  • The Sopranos (HBO)

  • Lost (ABC)

  • Battlestar Galactica (Sci Fi)

  • 24 (Fox)

  • The Shield (FX)

    2005 contenders

    Winner: Lost (ABC)

    Other nominees:

  • Deadwood (HBO)

  • Six Feet Under (HBO)

  • 24 (Fox)

  • The West Wing (NBC)