OMD Increases Use of Engagement Metrics

Jun 23, 2006  •  Post A Comment

Media agency OMD is ramping up the use of engagement metrics in making some of its program-buying decisions after completing research that found the measurements affect how receptive consumers are to advertisements.

The OMD study measured engagement across a variety of media using different definitions. Its findings could lead to the creation of a standard engagement currency that works across different media, the agency said Friday in a statement.

The study asked 2,000 people to look at 17 television programs, 13 magazine titles and eight Web sites and asked questions designed to determine how engaged they were with the media. It also asked how much advertising in the media influenced their behavior.

Advertisers and media companies are exploring new ways of measuring the effectiveness of advertising as they negotiate how to set values on commercial time and space.

In TV, there were big differences in engagement levels among the programs tested, with the best-performing show scoring 60 percent higher than the norm and the bottom performer 50 percent below the norm.

The survey “confirms that engagement is an important metric and we should be including it,” said Sandra Eubank, OMD’s director of research.

Some engagement metrics are available in syndicated data and planners and buyers have been given updated data to use during the current upfront negotiations with the networks, Ms. Eubank said.

“The way it’s used is we know that this program X is really a better buy than its CPM indicates because its much more engaging, so we’re maybe willing to pay a little more for it,” she said. “But program A is not so engaging so either we don’t want it or we want a discount.”