‘Entourage’ Boss Would Like a Soundtrack

Aug 14, 2006  •  Post A Comment

TVWeek Staff

“Entourage” creator and executive producer Doug Ellin would love to create a soundtrack for the trend-setting HBO series, but simply doesn’t see himself as having the time or ability to do it.

“I’m tempted to do it, I’d love to make more money … I see other shows like ‘The Office’ selling coffee mugs,” Mr. Ellin told TelevisionWeek during his weekly interview that is part of TVWeek.com’s “Producer Shop Talk” series, which is available for audio download.

Music is a big part of the show, and fans clamor each week to identify the artists behind songs featured on the show as well as to find out where they can buy clothing or other items the stars wear and use each week.

“I’m really inspired by the Martin Scorsese school of film scoring,” he said, meaning he incorporates music with a “nostalgic feeling” that’s also meaningful and resonant with viewers.

Mr. Ellin also discussed his real-world inspirations for the over-the-hill producer portrayed by Martin Landau during the interview.