Viral Video: Burping Britney

Aug 21, 2006  •  Post A Comment

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The setup: First Lady of Trouble Britney Spears is quickly becoming the queen of viral video. After all, what is the Internet but a treasure trove for the ridiculousness of celebrities, especially those who pose with garish blue necklaces and bad dye jobs? Following clips of Ms. Spears earlier this year driving with her kid in her lap and then nearly dropping him while drinking a soda, a new video has surfaced and it’s the first one to feature a belch. Ms. Spears burped on-camera during a random four-minute conversation with Kevin Federline about her jaw, life, movies and time travel. The viral video posters apparently thought Ms. Spears might have had a little bit to smoke before Mr. Federline made the homemade video.

The source: The clip made the viral video rounds in early August, landing on YouTube.com, Break.com and iFilm.com, among others.

The hits: By Aug. 16, the clip had generated 659,000 views on YouTube, 60,000 on iFilm and 559,000 on Break.

VIDEO: Burping Britney