Viral Video: Machine Heads

Aug 14, 2006  •  Post A Comment

TelevisionWeek is trawling video-sharing Web sites to find the hottest clips spreading on the Internet.

The setup: Don’t try this at home. Chicago-based power pop band OK Go’s Internet video for its new song “Here It Goes Again” features the four band members jumping, jogging, dancing and ducking under the handlebars of eight treadmills in what’s safe to say is probably the first display of synchronized treadmill dancing. The band’s lead singer, Damian Kulash, told Entertainment Weekly that his sister choreographed and taught the band the routine, which was shot in one afternoon at her Orlando home. The current clip is a sequel of sorts. In the fall, OK Go crafted a dance routine for its single “A Million Ways” that became a viral video sensation, and the band even appeared on “Good Morning America” to teach the dance routine. The band’s label, Capitol Records, said the video for “A Million Ways” was downloaded more than 9 million times.

The source: OK Go submitted the latest video to YouTube on July 31, and it made the rounds to Google and Break.com in early August. The videos are produced on a shoestring budget by the band, which seems to have clearly grasped the power of viral marketing in the Internet age. The videos resonate because they’re one long shot without any edits.

The hits: The “Here it Goes Again” video had generated a hearty 2.2 million views on YouTube by Aug. 10 and 250,000 on Break.

VIDEO: Machine Heads