MySpace Ranks First in Online Video Viewings

Sep 27, 2006  •  Post A Comment

MySpace.com ranks first among its peers in total video streams served with almost 1.5 billion, representing 20 percent of all videos streamed by Internet users, according to monthly figures released by comScore Media Metrix.

More than 106.5 million people, or about three out of every five Internet users, streamed or downloaded video content during July, according to comScore. A total of 7.2 billion videos were streamed during that month.

While MySpace rated No. 1 in streams served, Yahoo was tops in viewers, with 37.9 million compared with MySpace’s 37.4 million. YouTube garnered 30.5 million viewers, with Time Warner at 25.7 million and Microsoft sites following with a combined 16.2 million.

ComScore Networks uses a tool focusing on Flash video streaming content to measure users. This system gives advertisers the opportunity to target Internet video consumers.

“The surge in Web video content enables advertisers to expand beyond banners and reach online audiences using sight, sound, and motion,” said Erin Hunter, executive VP of comScore Media and Entertainment Group. “Fundamental to the effectiveness of online video as an advertising medium is an accurate measurement of streaming video, and comScore is delighted to be the first company to provide that capability to the marketplace.”