Paramount Launches VOD Ad-Insertion Trial

Sep 6, 2006  •  Post A Comment

Movie studio Paramount Pictures launched a first of its kind video-on-demand advertising trial this week with cable operator Sunflower Broadband, serving up fresh ads for its films in MTV Networks’ programming in the Lawrence, Kan. market.

The campaign promotes the upcoming Sept. 22 release of “Jackass Number Two.” Using VOD ad insertion technology from SeaChange and Atlas on Demand, the operator can pair the content with Comedy Central programs at the moment a viewer requests a show.

Until now, programmers have baked ads into a program, marrying them with VOD content for three to four months. VOD insertion technology gives advertisers and networks more flexibility by treating the ad and the program as separate digital files and linking them at the moment a show is requested, rather than weeks in advance.

With the “Jackass” pilot that runs through the end of this month, the content for the ads will be updated to reflect the release date. Prior to Sept. 22, the ads will promote the coming release. After the release date, ads will specify that the movie is in theaters.

“This is a big step towards a solution the industry desperately needs” said Mike Bologna, director of emerging communications for mediaedge:cia, the media agency that represents Paramount. “The VOD marketplace is extremely chaotic when it comes to creative deadlines, pitch dates, and the various formats in which data is delivered,” he said.

In the pilot test, Paramount can also monitor the ads on a daily basis. That’s because Atlas will provide a number of metrics such as reach of ads by day, month or week, brand exposure, and whether the ads was rewound, fast forwarded or skipped, said Scott Ferris, general manager for Atlas On Demand.

“This is the first deployment in a national ad campaign which in essence overcomes the primary objection raised by advertisers and agencies around the medium which is they can’t change to the creative and optimize it,” he said. “That’s been the greatest frustration with VOD.”