iPod: TV’s Odyssey: Smorgasbord of TV on Network Sites

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Monthly unique users:

4.3 million

ABC.com is offering more than 100 short-form videos per week for 2006-07, more than tripling the amount of video content available last season. After making a deal with Warner Bros. Television, ABC will show episodes of the studio’s debuting drama “The Nine” for four weeks on ABC.com’s ad-supported broadband player. “The Nine” is one of seven ABC series episodes available full-length on the network Web site in a deal that allows local affiliates to stream the episodes and benefit from local ad sales.


Monthly unique users:

5.1 million

Like ABC, CBS secured a deal with studio giants Warner Bros. TV and 20th Century Fox to stream ad-supported episodes of six new shows on the innertube section of CBS.com. Nine returning shows also show up on innertube. The site also features original online video, including the six-part series “Road to Price,” which follows a group of teens traveling cross-country for a taping of “The Price is Right.” Established fare such as “Late Show With David Letterman” also shows up online, along with “Dave TV,” which features on-air monologues, comedy clips and original sketches from “Late Night” regulars.


Monthly unique users:

3.9 million

In August and September, Fox streamed commercial-free full episodes of its new series at no charge on its Web site and at more than 50 other sites. Web-based video offerings include “‘Til Death” star Brad Garrett featured talking at his home about marriage, plus “Prison Break” actors discussing their show. Weekly entertainment video series “FoxNow” promotes network programming. “The Simpsons'” page includes animatics and corresponding color clips from original episodes. Like the network, January brings great change for the Web site with the return of “24” and “American Idol.”


Monthly unique users:

5.6 million

Redesigned to coincide with its premiere week that started Sept. 18, NBC.com also recently boosted its online video offerings and NBC 24/7, a page with a variety of online video clips. Besides “two-minute replays” from its series, NBC 24/7 is offering full-episode streams for selected series, including “Heroes” and “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.” On MyNBC, users can personalize the site by selecting specific shows to highlight. The “Deal or No Deal” home page features two play-at-home games and extended model profiles and video highlights, while “The Biggest Loser’s” page provides fitness tips, a diet center and membership in a “Loser” club. Major online presence for both NBC late-night series and daytime dramas.

The CW

Monthly unique users:

Not available

The network’s Web site features Mash Maker, where users can access network-supplied video and music to create their own CW promos. Users will also be able to create “Free to Be Famous” promos that incorporate their own personal images. On The CW Video, highlights include behind-the-scenes clips and director’s cuts of show scenes. CWH (the H stands for hip, hop and happening) features streams of The CW’s branded on-air segments, called content wraps


Monthly unique users:

Not available

Aside from daily video recaps of both of its Monday-through-Friday dramas, the network’s Web site features “confessionals,” or first-person video interviews with characters from both shows. A “Band Call Out” promotion allows users to listen to and vote on musical acts that may get an on-air appearance, while fans can also rate potential network stars on MyNetwork TV’s Big Break after viewing aspiring actors’ video auditions. “Fashion House” actors give video beauty tips, such as how to color hair using household products.

Numbers represent August 2006 monthly usage.

Source: Nielsen/NetRatings