Viral Video: Who Let the Dog In?

Oct 23, 2006  •  Post A Comment

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The setup: Ever feel exasperated with your job, like you’re the only one who lifts a finger? You’re not alone. Even Darth Vader’s little brother feels that way. In episode four of “Chad Vader,” the title character, who works as a night-shift manager of a grocery store, booms, “Apparently I am the only one who can do anything around here!” after his employees fail to capture a wayward herding dog loose in the store. In full Dark Lord regalia and with cape billowing behind him, Chad Vader then chases down the sheltie who’s gotten into a bag of kibble without paying for it. The mundane tasks befalling a store manager make the job a tough one for Chad, who still fancies himself an intergalactic demagogue.

The source: Madison, Wis.-based production shop Blame Society Productions is the force behind the Chad Vader Internet TV series. The fourth episode appeared Oct. 11 on YouTube, after ABC’s “Good Morning America” showed a scene that morning.

The hits: By Oct. 19, the fourth installment had generated 775,000 views on YouTube, the fastest uptick to date for a “Chad Vader” episode. The first episode, released in July, has garnered 1.9 million views.