Broadcast Net’s Most Engaging Newcomers

Nov 13, 2006  •  Post A Comment

From IAG Research

Summer’s end means the start of an annual ritual: the launch of another broadcast network prime-time season.

This time around, the major broadcast networks have already introduced more than two dozen new entertainment series. A number of “serialized” shows (dramas with a continuing story line) are prominent among the group, which is also sprinkled with a handful of comedies and a touch of reality as well.

Reports indicate that audience levels are a challenge for most freshmen, a not uncommon situation, particularly in today’s remarkably complex media environment.

IAG Research has been measuring viewer response to every episode of these newcomers. This analysis and the accompanying chart examine viewer response among all members of our panel (persons ages 13+), which averages more than 5,500 people daily. Over the course of a month, around 40,000 different panelists take at least one IAG program survey.

In an exclusive for TelevisionWeek, we are providing the latest data revealing the program engagement “leaders,” that is, the one newcomer with the highest PE score on each network. We are also showing the program’s “index.” The index is the series’ PE score against a benchmark, for example, the season-to-date regular series PE average for all programming on the network on which the series is telecast.

For example, NBC’s drama fantasy “Heroes” has been garnering a PE score that is 16 percent above the network’s average. CBS’s sitcom “The Class” is receiving engagement levels averaging 11 percent above the CBS norm.

These leaders are exhibiting strength in viewer attentiveness, which our surveys have demonstrated translates as a better environment for commercial messages.