Magna Global Rejects Commercial Minute Ratings Compromise

Nov 20, 2006  •  Post A Comment

Major ad buyer Magna Global is saying it does not support adding a new stream to Nielsen Media Research’s plan to create average commercial minute ratings.

The networks nearly pulled out of the plan because a stream of commercial ratings based on live viewing alone will nullify their efforts to include commercials viewed on a delayed basis by people with digital video recorders. Live plus same day doesn’t include enough of the delayed viewing for the networks, and live plus seven days is too much for ad buyers and advertisers.

Nielsen has scheduled a meeting next month to see whether the networks and buyers can work out a compromise.

But Magna Global said it wouldn’t support a compromise at live plus two days or live plus three days, which some networks and ad buyers are advocating..

“Anything beyond live plus same day is simply not acceptable to many advertisers,” said Steve Sternberg, executive VP of audience analysis for Magna Global.

Mr. Sternberg also said that VCR-recorded shows should be removed from any average commercial minute calculation. Currently, any show recorded is considered by Nielsen to be viewed.

Magna Global would prefer commercial pod ratings built from second-by-second data, but Mr. Sternberg said that “the average commercial minute rating is a step in the right direction.”