Do you plan to attend NATPE?

Dec 11, 2006  •  Post A Comment

Mitch Burg:

“I will be attending NATPE. It’s still a tremendous place to spend time with a lot of important people. And that’s not only on the studio side but also the advertising community, which comes forward to see what’s going on and start discussions about what potentially could be. Last year at NATPE I think I was probably busier than I’ve ever been before in terms of going wall-to-wall on meetings, and I will be doing that again.”

Deb McDermott:

“Yes, I’ll be at NATPE. I think it’s still a very important place to do business and to meet with people. 2007 is a nonpolitical year; it’s all about money. It’s about building ratings … it’s all about making sure that our ratings are as strong as they can be, looking at programming for the fall or anything to fill in syndication-wise that we need to, you know, push it up and fill in our schedules, providing content that the viewers want and selling it to those advertisers.”

Ken Werner:

“Of course we’ll be at NATPE. We think NATPE is vital; it provides a wonderful opportunity to sit with all the group owners, a lot of general managers. Everybody will be there to roast Dick Robertson; that’s clearly a benefit as well. But there’s really not a lot of sense of community, and this is one of those rare opportunities where everybody can sort of come together and meet and exchange information, especially at times such as this when there are so many things going on. I think it provides a great opportunity to meet with clients and an efficient way to do that.”

Carla Pennington:

“Actually I will not be at NATPE this year, and I haven’t been in quite a few years because we’re renewed through 2012 so I don’t need to be there. Where I need to be is at the studio producing the shows, and I think the stations want me there and keeping my eye on the ball, because it’s all about the ideas and the execution of the ideas and bringing them great shows every day. So I’m not going; other people will be there on our behalf.”

John Nogawski:

“As long as our clients are going to NATPE, we’ll be at NATPE. I mean, that really has always been our criteria, whether it was the old Paramount-the CBS Paramount guys are now the new CBS Television Distribution Group. As long as our clients are there and hearing great statements like Deb saying we’re there to make it a relevant place to be and place for business to be conducted, we’ll be at NATPE … and looking forward to it.”