Viral Video: Axeing for It

Dec 11, 2006  •  Post A Comment

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The setup: Now that YouTube is becoming a bastion for corporate clips, what’s a Web voyeur to do but go to YouTube’s owner for a little titillation? Google, the new haven for girlie clips, generated a nice little rise last week for an ad video showcasing the talents of an amazing “Quarters” player (not to mention Unilever’s Axe brand body spray, which is seen in a product placement shot as well as in a tag at the end). Yep, that’s the game we all played in college, folks. Only this guy can land a quarter in a beer mug his girlfriend is drinking from, leaning her backside against, holding in front of her chest, and so on. Use your imagination. Or watch his talents online.

The source: A user posted the video to Google, YouTube and iFilm.

The hits: The video has generated more than 3.1 million views on Google since early October and ticked up several spots in Google’s top rankings last week. Now it’s getting about 65,000 views per day, up from 40,000 per day in late November. Interestingly, the video has generated only about 6,000 views on YouTube.

Video: Axeing for It