‘Hardly News’ First Up From WB’s Studio 2.0

Jan 15, 2007  •  Post A Comment

Studio 2.0, Warner Bros. Television Group’s new digital production center, can celebrate its first show with a cold one.

“Hardly News” will launch on Anheuser-Busch’s entertainment Web site Bud.TV the day after the Super Bowl. It’s a comedic current events and pop culture quiz show that invites users to play along on the Internet.

“It’s a pretty funny and engaging show,” said Rich Rosenthal, senor VP of creative affairs and production for Studio 2.0. “When we presented it to Budweiser, they responded immediately and we got to work on it.”

Producing a show for the Web is different than producing one for TV, Mr. Rosenthal said. For one thing, it’s shorter, with each game taking about 8 to 10 minutes.

“You have to grab them immediately and I think this show will do that,” he said.

There’s less money for production of online content.

“We’re doing it relatively inexpensively,” he said, “but I think the quality is still great and it’s something that could move from platform to platform.”

Because the show deals with current events, most of the episodes won’t be produced until just before the Super Bowl.

If the show is successful on Bud.TV, Mr. Rosenthal said that might take it to the bigger leagues of syndication or cable.

“Let’s see how this show goes, but absolutely, that would be a wonderful turn of events,” he said.

Studio 2.0 is developing a dozen or so projects, including another effort for Bud.TV. The projects are in several genres, including live action, animation, scripted, unscripted and games shows.

“We’ve seen some pretty great demand from advertisers and marketers for this original content,” Mr. Rosenthal said.