Viral Video: Rosie vs. The Donald

Jan 1, 2007  •  Post A Comment

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The setup: It’s the latest celebrity slugfest. The new high-caliber war of words. And if you enjoyed the Tom Cruise and Brooke Shields dustups of days gone by, you’ll love the below-the-belt punches in the Rosie-Donald fracas. This clash is infused with some serious vitriol and spice. First, Rosie goes after the Donald on “The View” over the Miss USA scandal with a spot-on impression, including the appropriate hair flip to mimic Mr. Trump’s comb-over. Then “The Apprentice” creator fires back on “The Insider” in a diatribe peppered with gems like “slob,” “disgusting” and “talks like a drunk driver.”

The source: The clips originated from “The Insider” and “The View.”

The hits: The Donald clip on YouTube clip had generated more 730,000 views by Dec. 28 and more than 380,000 on Break.com. The Rosie clip from “The View” had logged more than 280,000 views on YouTube.

Video: The Donald Clip

The Rosie Clip