Viral Video: Turn Up the Volume

Jan 29, 2007  •  Post A Comment

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The setup: We’re pretty sure this possible pitfall is covered in broadcast journalism 101-get all those cuss words out of your system before you’re live on camera. But this South Bend, Ind., reporter must have missed class that day. Because when the anchors tossed to Melanie Morales for a report on a missing mother of four being found, Ms. Morales blurted out, “I can’t hear s**t.” After a dumbfounded pause, anchorwoman Traci Capellman chimed in, “We apologize for the difficulties there.” Nice, um, euphemism.

The source: A Break user submitted the video from Quincy-owned Fox station WSJV-TV in South Bend.

The hits: Break posted the clip on Wednesday, Jan. 24, and by that evening it had generated more than 200,000 views. That number rose to 484,000 by Jan. 25.

Viral Video: Turn Up the Volume