Weather Channel Claims Highest Ad Recall

Feb 20, 2007  •  Post A Comment

The Weather Channel is touting new research that shows that a combination of commercials on its cable network and ads on its website lead to higher recall than those of other networks.

In a presentation being shown to ad buyers as part of its upfront pitch, Weather Channel has worked with media buyer OMD to commission a study on advertising recall by research company ASI. Unlike past year’s studies, the new report looks at both cable and the web and measures the effectiveness when they’re used in combination.

The study found that ads on Weather Channel were recalled by 19 percent of consumers participating in the study, compared to 14 percent for USA Network and 14 percent for HGTV. When consumers viewed ads on both the networks’ cable channel and website, recall rose to 23 percent on Weather, 18 percent on USA and 17 percent on HGTV.

Liz Janneman, senior VP, national ad sales, said recall is high on the Weather Channel because it has few commercials per break and few viewers tune out while waiting for programs to resume. They’re also paying attention because they’ve tuned into get specific information, rather than be merely entertained.

Last year, Weather Channel was the only network to guarantee an ad deal based on minute-by-minute ratings. Ms. Janneman said that ad buyers were very satisfied with the arrangement. She said she hoped to begin talks again with Starcom this year and would be willing to make similar deals with other clients.

(Editor: Romanelli)