Court TV Plans Major Revamp for ’08

Mar 13, 2007  •  Post A Comment

Court TV gets a new name on New Year’s Day as part of a major overhaul that includes a new look, logo and daytime lineup that will chop Nancy Grace’s weekday show in half to make way for the prodigal Star Jones Reynolds’ show.

The 16-year-old channel’s new name was not revealed.

Among the other changes announced Tuesday to advertisers gathered in New York at the upfront presentations of Court TV and other networks of Time Warner’s Turner division: a slate of new reality series for the legal channel’s prime-time lineup.

Research shows Court TV’s prime-time and late-night blocks have significant appeal to men, who like reality. Thus development includes series about police interrogations, female bounty hunters and security experts.

“We have identified a very strong audience segment driving our prime-time success, an audience we call ‘real engagers,'” Court TV General Manager Marc Juris said. “These viewers watch a tremendous amount of television and love real-life action programming, real-life emotion and access to places they can’t normally go.

“Now that we have identified our target audience, we can evolve our programming to serve those viewers, while also capturing the unrealized potential of our new consumer brand.”

Ms. Jones Reynolds’ show will be seen at 4 p.m., after Ms. Grace’s 3 p.m. show.

(Editor: Horowitz)