Viral Video: The Real Thing

Mar 5, 2007  •  Post A Comment

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The setup: We’ve all wondered about someone’s, ahem, assets before. Tyra Banks just says what was on our minds already. Yes, Katharine McPhee’s you-know-whats are real. Just remember: If you’re inclined to test Tyra’s strategy, be polite and ask before you cop a feel. “Can I touch them?” she asked. “I can touch them?” And don’t just rely on the hand protocol. Katharine McPhee’s breasts passed the jiggle test, too.

The source: Actress and “American Idol” contestant Katharine McPhee appeared on “The Tyra Banks Show” late last month and kvetched about how frustrating it is that people think her rack might not be real.

The hits: The video landed on YouTube on Feb. 23 and rose to more than 550,000 hits by March 1.