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TVWeek.com readers displayed a range of passionate opinions about Rosie O’Donnell’s departure from “The View.” Here’s a selection of comments posted online:

Oh, happy day. Ding dong the witch is dead. – r halfman

Rosie is an inspiration and a smart woman. I am sad that she will be leaving “The View,” and I hope she will find another popular platform to discuss the important issues she believes in soon. – LC

Rosie O’Donnell had a right to her opinions. She expressed them in an obnoxious vulgar way, was what I have an issue with. She was also a loudmouth bully, which is a behavior that needs to be addressed in American culture. … I am not for censorship, just for on-camera people that have manners. – James

I used to think Rosie was entertaining and at certain times very funny! This was years ago. … Of late I have seen a different side to her where I think she is a rude, crass, self-centered, controlling/domineering and most importantly an overly opinionated jerk!! It is her way or the highway on all topics! Good riddance!!! – Wendy

I think she will be missed. She brought an interesting, thought-provoking, unpredictable element to the show as well as some open, honest discussions. She never claimed to be perfect! And while I haven’t agreed with many of her viewpoints, I was happy to see the open, even messy, dialogue… – Sylvie

Barbara Walters revived O’Donnell’s flagging career and was repaid with a modest ratings boost that was more than outweighed by frequent headaches and snide attacks. Apparently Rosie has overestimated the cash value of her presence to Walters and ABC. – Arthur Greenwald

News and every other conservative thrashes the fact that she’s just another loud-mouth liberal. How many liberals are in position to speak their mind on television? There’s Jon Stewart, Keith Olbermann, maybe Anderson Cooper … and that’s it! CNN Headline News got hijacked by Glenn Beck and Nancy Grace on prime time, Fox News is as red as ketchup, MSNBC has Scarborough and Carlson, and CNN has Paula Zahn. Guess ABC, who runs the company that syndicates Hannity and other right-wing radio hosts, felt that Ms. O’Donnell’s opinions were best left out of their view. – Last Left Standing

I shake my head in disbelief that so many people feel it is acceptable and normal to degrade, name-call, vilify and, frankly, just outright slander this woman, the other women on the show, and anyone else that disagrees with their point of view. … If someone called your children, family or friends these things, would you not be horrified? What a sad commentary on society today. – mommagic

According to insiders she only signed a one-year deal anyway. The feeling is that she was testing the waters and would move on to her own new show after that gig was up. Seems the insiders were right! – D. White