‘Entourage’ Creator Won’t Show Sex

Apr 9, 2007  •  Post A Comment

In TVWeek.com’s exclusive Backlot Talk podcast, Doug Ellin, creator and executive producer of HBO’s “Entourage,” reveals he is purposefully not taking advantage of the freedoms afforded by producing a show that airs on pay cable.

“For my taste, I don’t want to watch the guys get naked every week,” Mr. Ellin said about the lack of sex scenes on the show. “I would rather hear the guys talk about their sexual experience last night than watch it; I think it’s funnier and it’s more real to life.”

The creator’s statement came in response to questions about an article in the L.A. Times by TV critic Paul Brownfield, who bemoaned the lack of the “bad ballet of lovemaking,” especially since the show is about young and rich men in Hollywood.

“The fact of the matter is I could show sex all day and all night, and the show would be boring and old,” Mr. Ellin said. “I don’t want to burn five minutes with a gratuitous sex scene. I’d rather have comedy and find something out about the characters.”

Viewers discovered a new addition to the cast this season in Amanda, Vince’s new agent, who seems quick to dig her claws into the young movie star. Mr. Ellin said he set the new season five or six months after the previous one, purposefully skipping over how Vince and Amanda met, wanting to instead focus on how the group has dealt with being apart from Ari.

The episode also gave a glimpse of a surprisingly humanized Ari as he nursed the wounds of being fired, but this reaction is no surprise to the show’s founder.

“Whatever we’ve seen of Ari, it’s all always been there in my mind,” said Mr. Ellin. “When he got fired in episode two, he’s driving home in the car going, ?What am I going to tell my wife?’ I think we’ve seen him vulnerable; I think we’ve seen him beaten down. He doesn’t like to lose, and I think those shades help character, but I didn’t ever really think about it as a big change or a big risk.”

The producer laughed as he told listeners that next week’s show has a lot of comedy on the way, and that he was very excited about it.

For the full interview with Mr. Ellin, go to TVWeek.com’s Backlot Talk to listen to the full podcast..

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