Four Tips for Making Mobile Television

Apr 30, 2007  •  Post A Comment

As more content providers get into the business of producing for mobile television, they’ll need to be aware of the different needs of the smallest screen. We asked GoTV Networks executives Tom Ellsworth, chief operating officer, and Daniel Tibbets, executive VP of studios, to provide some tips.

1. Conceive, direct and edit with an eye to how the video will look on basic versus advanced mobile phones. The most cutting-edge phones are not what 95 percent of the consumers own.

2. Consider encoding challenges early and often. Artifacts, smearing and noise destroy the consumer experience.

3. Audio matters. Anticipate the fidelity of a mobile phone speaker (and ambient white noise around the viewer/listener) versus headsets. The audio needs to sound good both ways.

4. Off-the-shelf solutions will not get you there. Commercially available editing software solves only half the post-production problem. Custom encoding solutions and software modifications coupled with mobile expertise also are required.