Viral Video: Easy on the Eye Roll, Simon

Apr 30, 2007  •  Post A Comment

The setup: Which answer is more reassuring? That Simon Cowell actually did roll his eyes and raise his eyebrows over a contestant’s mention of the Virginia Tech massacre victims, or that he never actually hears the singers on “American Idol” during his post-crooning inquisition? During the April 18 broadcast of the show, Mr. Cowell engaged in a heated debate with a contestant who sang “nasally.” When the singer then paid tribute to the victims, Mr. Cowell appeared to roll his eyes. But the acid-tongued judge addressed the ill-timed eye roll in several news outlets and then on the April 18 edition of the show. “I did not hear what Chris was saying. I may not be the nicest person in the world but I would never, ever, ever disrespect those families or those victims.”

The source: The clip came from Fox’s broadcast of “American Idol.”

The hits: The video received more than 260,000 views on iFilm by April 25, while various YouTube versions of the clip garnered nearly 200,000 views by April 25.