It's Always Fair Weather...on The Weather Channel TVWeek

For the first time in its 27 year history The Weather Channel is going to show movies.

First up is “The Perfect Storm,” the network announced, to be shown on Friday, Oct. 30, to coincide with the 18th anniversary of the real event upon which the film is based.

“Adding films to our Friday night lineup is a great way for us to further demonstrate how weather is an all-encompassing part of our lives that entertains and inspires us,” said Geoffrey Darby, executive vice president of programming for The Weather Channel, in a statement.

So we looked over the films and other titles we expected to see would be movies such as “Twister,’ and musicals such as Gene Kelly in “It’s Always Fair Weather,” or Lena Horne in “Stormy Weather.”

Imagine our surprise when we saw that one of the films scheduled is “Misery.” Huh? The reason The Weather Channel says it’s picked this film is that it begins in a “blinding snowstorm.”

OK, guys, we can only be fooled part of the time. Our suggestion to The Weather Channel: if you want to add movies to your schedule, fine, but drop the façade. Just say you want to show some of the best movies you can find, don’t clutter them up with too many commercials so we don’t switch channels, and then you can be a little cutesy if you must. But please, none of this stuff saying that you're airing films to show how weather "entertains and inspires us”…

So with “Misery,” in your press materials, you could say Kathy Bates delivers one of the coldest performances in movie history. If you show “Animal House,” you can say that the hijinks really heat up whenever John Belushi is on the screen.

Of course weather or not you take our suggestion is up to you,,,

--Chuck Ross