Bob Schieffer's Take on the Importance of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert B&C

Veteran CBS newsman Bob Schieffer talks about how the times they are a-changin, in an interview with B&C,

For example, B&C's Marisa Gutherie asks him what he thinks about Jon Stewart and if he's taking the "mantle" from more traditional newscasters such as Schieffer.

According to the interview, here's Schieffer's resoponse: "Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are to television what the editorial page cartoonist is to the editorial page of newspapers. The editorial page cartoonist is the only person at the newspaper who is allowed to lie. I see Stewart and Colbert, both of whom are friends of mine, as editorial page cartoonists. A lot of time by taking something beyond where it is, it helps you to drive home a point and really understand the truth. Do I think they pose some threat to the republic? I do not. But I think if all you watched is Stewart and Colbert, I'm not sure you could call yourself well-informed."    

-- Allison J. Waldman