Netflix Increases Its Huge Lead in the Web Video Market Bloomberg

Netflix has increased its dominance in online viewing, bucking predictions that newer competitors would take away subscribers, reports Bloomberg.

The streaming service represented 33% of prime-time Web viewing, based on Internet traffic, in September, more than, Hulu and Time Warner's HBO Go by a multiple of at least 18, according to a report from the network services and research company Sandvine.

"I don’t know whose library is better or bigger, but it’s very clear that people use Netflix a lot more," said Dave Caputo, chief executive officer of Sandvine. The company released its “Global Internet Phenomena Report” Wednesday.

Netflix's share of Web viewing traffic has climbed from 20.6% in the second half of 2010, and was up slightly from 32.7% a year ago, the piece notes.

Amazon’s market share in September was only 1.75%, according to the report, while Hulu was at 1.38% and HBO Go came in with 0.52%.

Sandvine predicts that Netflix should maintain at least a 10-fold lead over rivals through 2014, the story adds.