Who Did Viewers Want to See Get Letterman's Job? Study Reveals a Clear Front-Runner -- and It Isn't Stephen Colbert

CBS may have thought Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert was the best choice to replace David Letterman on "Late Show," but Colbert wasn't the viewers' choice, according to a study analyzing social media. reports that the study by social media marketing firm Keyhole revealed a clear front-runner among possible viewer choices: Tina Fey.

Keyhole analyzed mentions with the hashtag #LettermanReplacements and concluded that Fey was by far the No. 1 viewer choice, with more than 32% of the mentions. Second place was a tie between Amy Poehler and Colbert, each with 10.9%.

Other top candidates included Ellen DeGeneres, Chelsea Handler, Conan O'Brien and Jon Stewart.

Here's the chart: