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McCain, Romney Boost Ad Spending

Spending on advertising on the Republican side is still expected to pale compared to that on the Democratic side for Tuesday’s Super Tuesday presidential races, but it’s starting to increase.

The campaigns of Mitt Romney and John McCain both announced last-minute buys today.

The Romney campaign said it made a “significant” buy in California and other states with Feb. 5 primaries.

The campaign declined to say whether it was making all local buys or including some national advertising in its mix.

The McCain campaign, which has been hard-pressed to buy advertising, bought national cable ads on CNN and some other networks and some spot buys.

The McCain campaign did a significant buy on Fox News Channel. Gov. Mike Huckabee's campaign also bought there, although its buy was smaller.

The Huckabee campaign, meanwhile, bought what what may be its first broadcast network spot in the two-hour "Fox Super Sunday" news special preceding Fox's Super Bowl coverage, hosted by Shepard Smith.

The amount of spending by the campaigns couldn’t be immediately determined.

3:40 p.m.: Updated sixth, seventh paragraphs