Clinton Campaign Buys Hour for Town Hall Event on Hallmark Channel

Jan 31, 2008  •  Post A Comment

The Clinton campaign is buying an hour on the Hallmark Channel on Feb. 4, the eve of the Super Tuesday presidential primaries in order to air part of a 90-minute campaign “Voices Across America” national town hall.
The town hall will air at 9 p.m. ET, with national viewers allowed to see it live. Viewers at 21 events across the country and on the Internet can see the extra 30 minutes of content. Sen. Hillary Clinton has used the town hall format during campaign appearances.
The election-eve event will originate from New York.
There had been speculation that, with more than 20 states in contention in the Super Tuesday vote, some with big media markets, the economics of media buys would prompt candidates in both parties to buttress local media buys with an overlay of national ad spending.
Neither Hallmark nor the Clinton campaign offered details of what the campaign paid for the time.


  1. 2/1/2008
    Dear Hillary:
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    The above question has not been asked to any Presidential Candidate so far by either the democratic or Republican party.
    David Lawrence Stein, Warminster Bucks County Pennsylvania

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